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Hydro Carbon Cleaning

Hydro Carbon Cleaning

Why Should You Clean Your Engine

Don't wait any longer to rejuvenate your engine and ask your mechanic for a carbon cleaning

Difficulty starting, loss of power and increased fuel consumption are mostly due to engine clogging.

It's the combustion inside the engine that is responsible for the accumulation of soot deposit in the cylinders, the pistons, the DPF, the EGR valve the turbo..

When clogged, these parts quickly prevent the engine from operating normally. If the soot is not removed regularly, breakdowns will occur and the cost can quicky add up when replacing engine parts (expect about 350 £ for an EGR valve, 2,000 £ for a turbo..).

Hy-Carbon-S brings its exclusive and patented solution that has proven itself in the sector of industrial engines (locomotives, ships, etc.) to everday drivers:


by injecting hydrogen into the air intake of your engine, the carbon cleaning is done delicatley and thoroughly.
Your engine returns to its original performance, breakdowns are avoided, and you can be confident about passing the emissions test.

Is the pioneer of hydrogen technology in combustion engines. The company developed a unique carbon cleaning machine: HY-CARBON.

The enviromentally friendly solution that saves you money!
Excel Motors (Midlands) Ltd Regenerated Engine
Excel Motors (Midlands) Ltd Optimized Budget
Excel Motors (Midlands) Ltd Decreased Pollution